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Pageraptor USA, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, Sweden, France, Portugal and Italy, captures data on web pages
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17 March 2011

Editor's review

This is a software utility that extracts text data from web pages. You can use it to collect names, addresses and other details for direct mailing.

This is a direct marketing tool. The program captures data from web pages such as yellow pages, super pages etc. and saves it to Excel. That then can become a direct mailing list that can be mail merged. PageRaptor saves to native XLS or CSV database formats. You can select what format you want to use in the save dialog box. there are a whole range of yellow pages/super pages all over the Internet and they are a great source for generating direct mailing addresses.If you want to focus on specific geographic areas, pages available from the relevant countries can be used to collect the mailing addresses. this program is compatible to work with such pages; whether they are from the US, OK or Latin American countries. The publisher`s description lists a range of such sites.

Operating is simple through the intuitive interface. You have the groups of operations listed at the left of the display area. You simply go to the available web sites, search, then click on the capture button to collect the name, address, phone, fax, website details. The captured data is displayed in the display area.When capture is completed you ask the data to be saved and that`s it. You are then directed to the payment system and then you ask for save again and you are done completely. You should be aware of SPAM issues if when the data is extracted and you get into a email campaign. If it is a postal campaign then there is not likely to be a problem.

Publisher's description

Direct Marketing Tool. Pageraptor USA, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, Sweden, France, Portugal and Italy, captures data on web pages (yellow, super, etc.) and saves it to Excel. Free for non-commercial use (subscription-based).
Good for yellow pages, white pages, super pages, pagine gialle, paginas amarillas España Spain Argentina, thomson local, pagine bianche, paginas blancas, gulasidorna, gelbseiten, businessdeutschland, paginasamarelas, pagesjaunes, pagesblanches USA WhitePages(business/residential) SuperPages (bus/res) YellowBook (bus/res) YellowPages (with Windows Vista only) Puerto Rico Italia/Italy Pagine Bianche Pagine Gialle Australia Yellow Pages White pages New Zealand Yellow Pages Suid-Afrika/South Africa Yellow Pages Deutschland/Germany Gelbe Seiten Business Deutschland Switzerland/Suisse/Svizzera/Schweiz Local CH Search CH Östrerreich/Austria Herold - Gelbe Seiten Sverige/Sweden Gula Sidorna Danmark Gule Sider Infobel Gulesider Norge/Norway Finn Katalogen Suomi/Finland France Pages Jaunes (et aussi Pages Blanches) Infobel Annu point Com PagesPro Nederland/Holland Infobel Belgique/België Infobel GoudenGids Telefoongids Luxembourg Infobel Canada YellowPages CanPages (business/entreprises) WhitePages 411 Canada España/Spain Paginas Amarillas QDQ punto com Paginas Blancas Portugal Paginas Amarelas United Kingdom Yell dot Co dot UK Thomson Local Eire (Rep. of Ireland) Golden Pages EirCom Phonebook Europe Yoolk YolkEuroPages SuperPages Malaysia UK (Businesses/Restaurants), Pagine-Mail, scoot UK...
Version 1.0.11
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